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Create a list of transferrable skills before starting your job search

It may seem obvious, but some military veterans overlook this critical step. Employers are not as familiar with the military world as you are. While there are many behaviours you will have naturally developed during your service that are attractive to a corporate employer, it's equally important to understand how your experience will transfer. 

Therefore, think about how you will describe your military experiences for a corporate role. Take for example:

  1. If you trained over 200 people on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, think how your training preparation, delivery, and results could apply in a corporate classroom setting.
  2. If you helped the Navy save $3 million dollars by administering 37 government travel accounts, think how this experience could apply to a financial controller position.
  3. If you were in charge of an aircraft repair department, think how the Six Sigma principles you learned could apply to a manufacturing or operations job.

These examples give valuable context to your interviewer and will show you in the best possible light for when they come to make their hiring decision.